Hi! I’m Daniel.

I’m a software engineer and photographer based in Berlin. I currently work at the amazing Our World In Data developing tools for authors and our audience to explore data on important long term trends relevant to human development. I run the photography studio Iconoclash Photography together with my wonderful wife. I really like programming languages from the ML family (F#, Elm, Haskell, ...) and rant a lot about the state of software development today.

I studied film directing and a couple of the films I made are still online at vimeo. I sometimes write about software engineering here on my blog and about politics, science and economics on ichahnezusammenhaenge.de. For random curiousities I used soup.io though less and less in recent times.

To get in touch, just drop me an email at daniel@danielbachler.de. You can also find me at twitter, github etc:

My snail mail address is:
Daniel Bachler
Wrangelstr 3
10997 Berlin

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