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current Principal Software Engineer at Our World In Data.
2016-2021 CTO at Edelweiss Connect, working on making toxicological data sources more accessible (using mostly F# and Elm) and taking care of deployments (Docker/Kubernetes setup). Co-organizing the Friendly Functional Programming Berlin Meetup.
2008-2015 Lead a team of engineers to create Zervice, a software for statistical data analysis, written in C#
2006- Together with my wife, Teresa, founded the photo studio Iconoclash Photography
2007-2009 Lead various task groups at the filmschool filmArche to restructure the curriculum, introduce wiki-based workflows. Tought classes on digital asset workflows & colour perception and use of colour in film
2006-2009 Studied film directing in Berlin
2005-2009 Various minor web design, system administration and web programming jobs. Worked with Python, Ruby, Drupal, ...
2005 Moved to Berlin
2003-2004 Civil service in Austria at the Vienna Red Cross as a software developer. Among other things, created a sophisticated permission system that deals with emergency access to confidential data. A slightly modified version is still in use today. The technology stack was mostly C#, ASP.NET and SQL Server
2001-2003 Worked for H.T.S. to develop a tool for data cleaning, weighting and data transformation. Designed and implemented a custom DSL that is used directly by the analysts. The tool is still in use today.
2001-2003 Studied philosophy and journalism at the University of Vienna.
1996-2001 Attended H.T.L. Spengergasse in Vienna, a kind of High School with a focus on software engineering. Was trained in C, C++, IBM Mainframe Assembler, Prolog, Cobol, Java, PL/1 as well as project management and accounting/controlling. My finals project was a 3D game engine written in C++
1982 *